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Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is the set of actions to be taken to remove asbestos from a building. It is subject to strict regulations and must be subject to special precautions due to the associated health risk. We hold accreditation certifications to carry out your asbestos removal

Marking industrial floors

Beryo International offers you its expertise in the preparation and renovation of industrial floors and gives you all the keys to carry out these essential steps for your floors. Signage on the ground is useful to differentiate the different work areas and prevent possible risks: storage areas, pedestrian paths, vehicle and trolley traffic lanes, restricted access areas, car parks, emergency exits, etc. signalling on the ground, a preliminary reflection is necessary in order to determine an ideal circulation plan in the premises. This plan must optimize the movement of employees and promote performance within the company. The company aware of the issues related to safety respects the regulations in force with precise colour codes and the use of quality paints for indoor or outdoor marking.

Installation of RIAs and fire hydrants

Covering a wider perimeter than fire extinguishers, the RIAs allow your company to self-manage the beginnings of fires e, waiting for the arrival of firefighters; BERYO International offers this solution.

Difficult access work

(Height cleaning, confined space work). We accompany you in the cleaning of vats and pipes, facades of buildings regardless of the covering (tiles, stainless steel, aluminium, tole, windows, plexiglass, polyethylene ...) with non-corrosive products.


To capture the dust and smoke released during your production, we offer this method of air filtration, which aims to clean up dirty air and release it into the atmosphere.
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