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Emptying of septic tanks

Avec des camions disponibles dans toute l’étendue du territoire national 24h/24, nos services à la carte sont à votre disposition.

Cleaning of pipes

We offer these services for all sanitation operations: emptying septic tanks, unblocking and cleaning of pipes, video inspection, and pest control. Specialized in these areas, we intervene as quickly as possible to solve your emergencies. We also offer maintenance contracts to manage your sanitation with complete peace of mind.

Waste management

Waste management takes its place in order to eliminate as much as possible its impact on human health and that of the environment. To do this and depending on the types of waste, the treatment will not be the same although recycling remains the best procedure.

Destruction of archives

The destruction of archives is a procedure aimed at eliminating any document whose conservation date has passed and whose nature has no heritage value implying definitive conservation. Any destruction requires monitoring through the establishment of a disposal slip contracting a destruction company. The latter will issue a certificate of destruction to be kept permanently. Destruction of confidential archives confidential archives are destroyed on site in the dump truck. The paper shreds are then transported to the nearest partner paper recycling centre where they will be processed and processed.

Wastewater treatment and recycling

Wastewater treatment specialists combine their expertise in the design and use of biological, physical and chemical processes to help customers meet their needs for effective and efficient facilities.

Green space maintenance

We offer our services for the maintenance of your green spaces and gardens and all types of gardening work: lawn mowing; hedge trimming; Planting; Earthworks. We ensure the maintenance of outdoor and indoor green spaces, as well for individuals as well as for businesses and local authorities
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